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Take a Look
by Joyce Blowers on March 24th, 2023
take a look out there… the sea in all kinds of shades of blue islands in the distance blue sky….sunshine temperature in the 80’s . . .   Read More
New Year\'s Church\'s Resolutions
by Joyce Blowers on December 31st, 2022
This is the time of year many of us make resolutions for the coming year. I would suggest . . .  Read More
Reflecting God's Image
by Joyce Blowers on September 21st, 2022
It is often easy to see God reflected in a sunrise or sunset. We walk in the woods and feel the presence of God. We sit . . .   Read More
Thoughts from our Interim District Superintendent: Lent 2022
by Joyce Blowers on April 6th, 2022
Once again…and still…there is war on earth. Once again…and still…there is bigotry and hatred in our communities, in our country, and all around the world. Once again…and still…  Read More
by Joyce Blowers on April 5th, 2022
The time was growing short. Soon Jesus’ physical presence will no longer be with his disciples. In his answer to Judas he was saying that Mary’s action was . . .   Read More
by Joyce Blowers on March 29th, 2022
In one sense the “new command” given by Jesus to his disciples, and that includes us, is an old one. . . . For Jesus’ disciples, however, it was a new command because it was to be . . .  Read More
by Joyce Blowers on March 8th, 2022
In Psalm 103, we are reminded that God is merciful, gracious, slow to anger and most importantly that his love for us is steadfast. No matter what we do to . . .   Read More
Kenya Update January 20
by Joyce Blowers on January 21st, 2022
Heaven is declaring God’s glory; the sky is proclaiming his handiwork. 2 One day gushes the news to the next, and one night informs another what needs to be known. . . .   Read More
for the beauty
by Joyce Blowers on October 13th, 2021
For the beauty of the earth …look around and see the stupendous beauty . . .   Read More
Preparing to Leave
by Joyce Blowers on September 29th, 2021
Recently we packed up and prepared for a 2 month journey. We know where we are going (kind of) and we know about when we are returning. We learned that it takes time prepare to be gone for 2 months. First there is . . . . So this causes some thoughts about Sarai and Abram. They did not know where . . .   Read More
God has a Name for You
by Joyce Blowers on September 24th, 2021
God is the only being whose speech cannot be separated from his acts. . . When God renamed Jacob, he stripped him of what was holding him back so he could move forward into God’s purposes. . . . n place of the damaging names you have carried, the Holy Spirit, as in the ancient days, wants to . . .   Read More
Not Us
by Joyce Blowers on September 8th, 2021
We will not save the church. Whether it is the questions facing the local church or issues facing the general Church…our answers, our decisions, will not save the church. Sometimes we think . . . .   Read More
Constanty Beyond
by Joyce Blowers on August 20th, 2021
We just don’t get the magnitude of God. Everything about God is well beyond our comprehension. What we do know . . .   Read More