United Methodist Church of Livonia, NY


UMCL is a faith family, formed from diverse backgrounds, bound together with a common desire to follow Jesus Christ.  When you worship with us, you will experience lots of singing, unison prayers, reading the Word, and a message.  We hope you come with your whole family and share in how God is moving in all of our lives.

Worship Service

Sunday at 9 AM
In-person and Online

In-person Worship Sunday at 9 AM

Worship at UMCL includes both traditional church music as well as contemporary worship music.  Scripture, corporate readings, and a message from Pastor Hoyt focus our attention on worshiping the Lord and preparing us for the week ahead.   We are a singing congregation accompanied by the praise band and/or organ or piano.  Most Sundays special music from the choir, coral group, or soloist provide worship in song. We gather to praise God.   All are welcome and invited to join with us in worshiping God.

UMCL continues to follow the COVID-19 safety mandates of NYS and other CDC practices currently required.   Your health and safety is very important to us.
Sunday worship UMCL

Live Stream Broadcast Sunday at 9 AM

The worship service is broadcast live on our YouTube channel, is recorded and can be watched later on YouTube, or on our App Media button.

Radio Broadcast Sunday, 8 - 8:30 AM

radio ministry
The audio of each service is also recorded and can be listened to (delayed one week) on WYSL 1040, Sunday morning 8 – 8:30AM.  The broadcast reaches out to Livonia, Lakeville, Avon, and Northern Livingston County, NY.

Music at UMCL

Contemporary Music – is led by the praise team. The message is the same as the traditional music, but the “feel” is not. The praise team leads in a blend of contemporary, gospel and some traditional music with guitar, keyboard, drum and other instruments.  See photo

Traditional Music –  includes hymns and choruses accompanied by either the century old pipe organ or piano.  Our pipe organ has been used continuously for over 100 years and was rebuilt by Parsons Pipe Organ Builders, Bristol, NY when it was moved to our new building in 2008.   Other music includes special music solos or duets.  Occasionally the pastor ministers with his guitar and a song.  See photos
UMCL praise team
UMCL choir
Pastor Hoyt Brown and Dan


Communion is offered on the first Sunday of each month.  UMCL practices an “open table,” meaning that all are welcome to come to Christ’s table and share in communion.
You do not need to be a member of our church, or any church to take communion.  All that is required is that you wish to grow in your love and knowledge of Christ.  It is the risen and present Christ that calls you to the table, not a church or a pastor.

Starting on July 11, 2021 we will go back to serving by intinction, our normal practice.  You will come forward, receive the Bread and then dip it in the Cup.  However, we will have the sealed cups available for those who may feel more comfortable with that option.

COVID-19 Guidelines for Churches

Updated 6/16/21

Having reached 70% vaccination one-dose rate for persons 18 and older, NYS has suspended many pandemic restrictions. The CDC guidelines related to unvaccinated persons remain in effect. For local churches, this means:

1.  Local churches need no longer enforce certain restrictions:
·       Social gathering limits have been lifted;
·       Capacity restrictions, number of persons allowable in a space return to levels prior to COVID;
·       Social distancing between persons, including for singing have
been lifted;

The lifting of restrictions applies to all activities held in church buildings and elsewhere, including worship, fellowship time, meetings, and small groups.  Accordingly we will be allowing public use of the building.  We will continue our enhanced cleaning practices.

Food and drink may be offered, assuming regular cleaning and sanitizing practices regarding containers, utensils, and dishes are followed.  We are asked to consider taking precautions to minimize self-service offerings and instead have designated servers distribute food and drink.

Events for children and youth should encourage participants under 12 to wear masks as much as possible while indoors.  Masking outdoors is not required.

2. Unvaccinated persons should continue to wear masks and social distance from other persons during all church activities, including worship, fellowship time, meetings, and small groups.