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Bible Study Resources

Bible Study Resources

Below is a list of Bible study resource links, suggested version of the Bible, and a link to a blog to stimulate your thinking.

Growing As A Disciple

Do you wish to grow in your love of God and of neighbor?  Find out where you are in your faith journey and find suggestions on what you can do to grow in your faith and discipleship journey.

Group Bible Studies

What do group studies do and how can I get connected?  Meet and fellowship with others in a group study while building your Bible knowledge and faith.

Sermon Series Messages

Faith builds in steps.  Knowledge of scripture also builds in steps.  Sermon series, a Bible book or topical series, are great ways to grow your knowledge of the Bible.

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Recommended Resources

The following list of links to Bible study resources and online resources are provided to encourage your spiritual growth.  Some links even have the option of an app that can be downloaded to your phone or tablet.  
Looking for something more specific or a particular type of study?  

Online Bible Study Resources

Recommended Bible: CEB (Common English Bible ) Study Bible.  It is easy to understand and very readable.  In addition, it is filled with many aids to deepen your study of the Bible.

Online Devotionals and studies:
study the Bible

Group Studies

Group studies are a great way to grow your faith.  Consider joining a weekly or semi-weekly small group that offers Bible study, fellowship, worship, service and outreach.

Growing As A Disciple

A Disciple is one who KNOWS Christ, is GROWING in Christ, SERVING Christ, and SHARING Christ.

No matter where you are on your journey with Christ, there are things you can do to grow as a disciple.

Print the chart and mark where you think you fall in each of the four areas.  What you see may suggest what you can do to grow in your discipleship.
plant growing

Where Are You In Your Faith Journey?

  • Exploring - You believe in God but are not sure about Jesus.  Faith is not a significant part of your life.
  • Growing - You believe in Jesus and are working on what it means to follow Him
  • Close - You feel really close to Christ and depend on him daily for guidance
  • Christ Centered - God is all you need in your life.  He is enough.  Everything you do is a reflection of Christ.

Steps To Take

Do you wish to grow in your love of God and of neighbor?  Find where your are, then challenge yourself.  It might be to come to worship weekly, or get involved in one of our community outreach opportunities, or to join one of our UMCL ministry teams.  It is up to you, but we are here to help.  We would love to equip you to grow in your walk with Christ.

And, of course, you can always speak with the Pastor Sung Ho.  Call the church office at 585-346-3511 or complete the form below.

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