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Chrismons Part 2

Chrismons Part 2

There are stars of several different shapes, number of points and styles.  We are familiar with the Star of David, and the five point star, but what about the eight pointed star and the nativity star.  What is their meaning?  There are other symbols we associate with Jesus and his ministry, including Greek letters.   These Chrismon patterns all point to Jesus.  They remind us of the true meaning of Christmas, the real reason that Jesus came to earth, and hope it means for every person.

"Chrismon means 'monogram of Christ' and represents Jesus Christ - his life, ministry, nature and teaching."   Chrismons are Christmas decorations with Christian symbols on them.  When you see these stars, be reminded that Jesus was a Jew and a descendant of King David.  The five pointed star represents the five wounds of Jesus on the cross, the eight pointed star represents baptism and regeneration, and the familiar nativity star is a symbol of the Star of Bethlehem.  Most of all, Jesus is the fulfillment of of God's love for us from the beginning of time until the "end of all things."
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