United Methodist Church of Livonia, NY

Constanty Beyond

Philippians 4:7  The peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds.

God is constantly beyond us. We just don’t get the magnitude of God. Everything about God is well beyond our comprehension. What we do know or understand about God should cause us to comprehend how little about God we do know and understand.

This is a reason to engage in studying God’s Word. This is a reason to share in discussion with others their understanding of God. This is a reason to worship.
This is a reason to reach out to help others. This is a reason for the Church.

(Getting side tracked for a moment)… that God is so far beyond us should be part of the reason to attend church… or in 2021 to get back to attending church.
Let’s not let COVID or anything else get in the way. Whether it is zoom or in person…or over the phone… God’s beyond-ness …all that we don’t understand about God…encourages us…invites us… to participate in some experience which helps us learn and understand more about God.

We have a lot to learn. Grace. Forgiveness. Hope. Joy. Shalom. Life. Love. … the list goes on and on…

God is constantly beyond us… and yet we do have a glimpse of God in our midst…
we do have an example of how to live life as God intends…we do have a moment of understanding and comprehension… Jesus.  

Ted Anderson
District Associate        
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