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God of Abundance

Peanut butter. The other day at Wegmans there was almost no peanut butter on the shelves. Talk about a supply chain problem! In these days the only place there doesn’t seem to be a short supply is at the gas pump…and there the problem isn’t too little… but too much money.
We know something of shortages (really not much … but something) … so we can understand the problem of running out of wine at the wedding. It is a nuisance, perhaps it is an embarrassment for the hosts, and it probably gets us thinking that there isn’t enough.
When the shortage is overcome…it is extravagantly overcome. There is way more than enough. There is, in fact, an abundance.
It should not surprise us. God always provides abundantly. God always accomplishes more than we could ever ask for or imagine.
What are the shortages we are experiencing? What is God’s response?
The way God operates… there is always an abundance.
Look! God is always offering opportunities extravagantly.  

Ted Anderson
Interim District Superintendent

Thoughts from our Interim District Superintendent:

Wine at the Wedding

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