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Preparing to Leave

Recently we packed up and prepared for a 2 month journey. We know where we are going (kind of) and we know about when we are returning. We learned that it takes time prepare to be gone for 2 months.  First there is the packing of the things… food, clothes, supplies… then there is the preparing of the vehicle…then…
and this took the longest time…there is the preparing of the house for being away for 2 months. It takes longer to prepare to leave for 2 months than for 2 weeks.
Clearing out the frig…bringing in the plants…(how will they
be watered?)…putting away outdoor stuff that normally
would be put away gradually in October-November.
Our departure was delayed by a whole day… because we
were not prepared to leave.
So this causes some thoughts about Sarai and Abram.  They did not know where they were going… they were probably never returning home…and they probably understood that their journey was going to last a life-time. How does one prepare for such a journey? Certainly they had camels and donkeys to carry all their stuff. Certainly they had family, friends and servants who were going along to provide assistance. Still, how does one prepare for a journey when the destination is unknown?
God said go…and so they went. They probably prepared
and packed for 3 months!
And even then… they probably realized they could never
be completely prepared and packed for the journey of a
God has similarly called on us…the church…to be on a journey. We might know where we are going…but we don’t really know how we are going to get there. And, we might
not know what to take with us. It is good to know that we
are on this journey with others, who like us, want to go
where God calls us to go.
Since we should always be ready when God calls… we should always be in an attitude of preparation. Are we always preparing to go? Or are we preparing to stay? Settling in, on the spiritual journey, may not be our best option when it comes to being prepared to be who God calls us to be… or do what God calls us to do.   Are we ready?...prepared and packed?
Turns out… just like us… Sarai and Abram were not perfect.
But they got up and went when God called them to leave home and family for an unknown destination. Their story reminds us that we too should be ready to get up and go when God calls.   And God is calling….

Ted Anderson
District Associate        
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