United Methodist Church of Livonia, NY

Leave the Baggage

Thoughts from our District Superintendent:
Leave the Baggage
Leave the baggage at the door…. act like an adult…. and fruits of the Spirit
Leave the baggage at the door…or in the car…or at home… Or better yet,
get rid of the baggage all together!
We carry around so much “stuff”. This “stuff” gets in our way in terms of communication, relationships and spiritual growth. Jesus told those he sent out… do not take anything with you. Did he mean our prejudices? Our stereotypes?
Our assumptions? Our bias? Our team?
We carry too much baggage and it weighs us down and tires us out…
As we set down the baggage…we probably should acknowledge that in too many ways we have not been acting like adults. We have not been acting like children either… but we have been acting in childish or immature ways. It is time for us to grow up and act in mature, compassionate and just ways. 
Good Morning Church!  Let’s act like mature people! 
Better yet… let’s act like Jesus would if Jesus were living our lives!
…and here is how we will know them… love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness (some say generosity) and self control…
The fruits of the Spirit occur when we are in touch with God, when we follow Jesus, and when we are moved by the Spirit… have we seen any of these fruits lately? Perhaps we need to get back in touch with God…pick up our cross and follow Jesus…and emphasize once again … Grace!
Let go…let God! ….   Live like Jesus! …. Be blessings! 
Ted Anderson
District Superintendent