United Methodist Church of Livonia, NY

January 22 - On Route Home

It was "Very Good"


In the beginning God made a world that was “very good.” In the end, it will become even better. This is the justice of God that we wait for and work for.
We are talking about a real place—a city. The people who live there will never hunger, never lack for love, and be surrounded by family. God will live there too! The residents of this city will no longer fear death. There will be no crying or pain. The long era of injustice, ruled over by death, will have ended.
We aren’t there yet. But we must not lose the sense of direction we get from knowing where we are going. This is God’s destination for the world that he made. He wants it wholly beautiful again. He will make it so.
It’s not just a dream. It’s the future, and we have been privileged to live as part of that future. We have been blessed to be part of bringing that day just a bit closer and catching a glimpse of the Kingdom in the present. We have witnessed the glory of creation, loved by those who were strangers, and we have been changed by our time here.

Prayer: Lord, make us ambassadors of your new city. Help us to represent its values. Help us to live its life in advance, for all to see.  

So be it.  

Hoyt W. Brown
Pastor, United Methodist Church of Livonia

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