United Methodist Church of Livonia, NY

Reflecting God's Image

Just wondering…
how we see each other.
God spoke: Let us make human beings in our image, make them reflect our nature…
…God created human beings; created them godlike, reflecting God’s nature….
                                         Genesis 1:approximately verses 25 and 27

The Message
It is often easy to see God reflected in a sunrise or sunset. We walk in the woods and feel the presence of God. We sit by the lake or the ocean and “see” God.
For each of us there are places where we come into the presence of God and see God’s reflection or experience 
God’s nature. As a church, we hope that one of the places people go to experience God’s nature or to see God’s 
reflection is the church.
In many ways we probably should be aware of God’s presence, God’s reflection, God’s nature in all of creation. What is God communicating through the creation of the universe…the birds…and the smallest or largest creature? How do we know of God’s nature in creation? 
While creation does communicate the nature of God… 
God’s Word lets us know that we (people) are created in 
the likeness of God. We are created to reflect God’s nature. HUMMMM…. Have we seen God in every person we encountered today? Whom have we discounted because 
they did not fit our image of God?
It is our responsibility to reflect God’s image to all others… but it is also our responsibility to see God’s reflection 
in all others. 
In these days that is a challenge…a life style… we must accept…if we would truly reflect God and God’s nature to all people.  
Ted Anderson
District Superintendent