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Thoughts from our Interim District Superintendent: Lent 2022

Lent 2022

Once again…and still…there is war on earth.
Once again…and still…there is bigotry and hatred in our communities, in our country, and all around the world.
Once again…and still…there is discrimination, injustice and less than truth.
Once again…and still…it is Lent.
Once again…and still…Lent reminds us that we have fallen short of the intentions of God. We have failed to be an obedient church…an obedient people…we have failed to love our neighbors.
Lent reminds us that even Jesus did not convince enough people to be the first mega-church. Lent reminds us that Jesus ended up on a cross. Lent reminds us that Jesus fell short of the goal (don’t worry Easter reminds us that in the end the goal was realized…God triumphed…but that is Easter’s story not the story of Lent).
We all fall short. We all are less than God created us to be. This is part of the story of Lent. But don’t worry. Grace is part of the story of Lent, too. Perseverance is also part of the story of Lent. Being on God’s time-line and not ours is part of the story of Lent. God’s forgiveness and patience are part of the story of Lent. There is Good News in Lent!
In the name of Jesus we are forgiven! Yes! IN THE NAME OF JESUS WE ARE FORGIVEN! Thanks be to God!
Ted Anderson
Interim District Superintendent        
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