United Methodist Church of Livonia, NY

for the beauty

For the beauty of the earth                    
          …look around and see the stupendous beauty which God has offered!
for the glories of the skies                      
…look up and see the moment by moment diversity of the sky!
for the love which from our birth              
…God loves! and we are here! …life is an expression of God’s love!
over and around us lies                          
…the Spirit of God continues to move over and among all creation!
God of all                                                  
…Yes! God is God of ALL! we are loved!
to You we raise                                        
…who else is there to thank?
this our hymn of grateful praise              
…thanks should be our way of life!
 We live in a beautiful world…created by God…who loves us all.
Thanks be to God!

Ted Anderson
District Associate        
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