United Methodist Church of Livonia, NY

Just Wondering . . . . About Distractions

Just Wondering . . . about distractions

Thoughts from our District Superintendent:
Just wondering…
about distractions.
The UMC has not numerically grown in a long time… perhaps some individual churches have grown numerically… but our conference and our denomination have grown smaller. 
This should be an attention getting moment for those of us who follow John Wesley in following Jesus. With John Wesley we believe that the purpose of every church is to invite people to become disciples of Jesus for the transformation of the world. People like us, who have met Jesus, desire to become more faithful in our discipleship (in following Jesus). Part of this desire to be more faithful is an understanding that we must grow in our relationship with God…that is…that we should study the Word of God, worship regularly, pray, serve, give, and witness. Another part of being more faithful is about inviting others (witnessing) to meet Jesus…that is to become disciples with us. And this becoming more faithful disciples, ought to lead us to work together for the transformation of the world…that is…to help live God’s shalom in the world. 
We have gotten distracted from the real purpose… the real mission of the church.
So as we get started again this September, let’s put aside whatever it is that distracts us…and live at becoming disciples of Jesus. 
Let’s invite others to become disciples with us.
Let’s live in such a way that God’s community comes alive in the world. 
When the first disciples did this…they changed the world. 
God hopes that we will too.  
Ted Anderson
District Superintendent