United Methodist Church of Livonia, NY

UMCL Happenings

Memorial Garden Dedication

October 23, 2022

The Memorial Garden was built with funds donated in memory of Bonnie Crichton.  Peter, husband, and daughter Emily were present for the dedication that was held after church.
The garden features a cross with out stretched arms, reminiscent of Jesus' welcoming arms.  The garden is graced with shrubs, flowers, and spruce trees.  The pavers include bricks placed "in memory of . . . " or "in honor of.. . . "   The cross, designed by Pastor Hoyt Brown was built by Scott Marshall.  The garden, located on the south lawn of the church offers a peaceful setting to contemplate, worship, and pray.
The dedication was blessed with a perfect fall day.  Following the dedication, everyone enjoyed cider and donut holes and fellowship.     

August 28, 2022

Tribute to Bunny G and Lucille L 

Today was the last day that both Bunny G and Lucille served UMCL in their music rolls of choir director and church organist.  Combined the two served UMCL 64 years, 42 for Bunny as choir director and 22 for Lucille as church organist.
UMCL wishes both the very best in their retirement.  You have been a blessing to the church personally and through your music ministry.  We will miss both of you.