United Methodist Church of Livonia, NY

Kenya Missions Trip

January  7-22,  2022

What's Happening

Support our local missions team with your prayers as they travel to Kenya to minister at In-Step Children's Home - Rehema for Kids and then take an opportunity of a lifetime - go on a safari before returning home.
January 7 - 9
Travel to Kenya
January 10 - 18
Working at In-Step Children's Home
January 19 - 21
Safari in Masa Mara National Reserve
January 22
Return home.

Who Is Going and What They Are Doing

About the Kenya team:
  • 10  going from the Rochester area
  • Team members representing 3 churches
  • Pittsford Presbyterian Church is the host church
  • Going from UMCL:  Dr. David Woodruff (dentist), Pastor Hoyt Brown, and Dr. Anabelle Foos
What the team will be working on at In-Step Children's Home:
  • Basic dental work
  • Working on a new dormitory
  • Working directly with the kids, such as in the nursery or teaching
  • Teaching the kids how to use their new Chrome Books donated by Rotary International

Kenya Missions Trip 

Mission Trip Prayer Requests

Please remember to pray for the team.


  • Safety as the team travels.
  • Making travel connections.
  • Going through security and customs.
  • That the bags arrive when they do.

Dental Ministry

  • Dr. Dave and the other dental professionals as they clean, inspect, and work on the children's teeth.

Health of the Team

  • Protection from COVID
  • Protection from other illnesses common with international travel.  Team members had to be vaccinated for Yellow Fever, Tetanus, and will be taking anti-malarial medication.

Ministry at the Orphanage

  • Safety and wisdom for the team working on the dormitory.
  • Wisdom for those teaching the children how to use the Chrome Books.
  • Flexibility from all team members as work and priorities shift  from day to day

Prayer Requests for In-Step and Mission Team

  • In-Step is in desperate need of a facilities manager
  • So many children with special physical and emotional needs.  No child is turned away.  Pray for the team and staff as they minister to over 200 children of all ages.
  • Pray for two team members who tested positive with malaria and niece of one of these who is having surgery today (Jan 13) for a brain tumor.   They have started treatment.
  • Pray for the dental ministry, children are being checked, however the equipment they expected to have on hand is not there.
  • January 14 - Team needs prayer as they are all exhausted, partly because of the altitude and heat.  Two more team members tested positive for bacterial infections, but not Malaria.
  • January 17 - One more day of ministry.  Pray as the team prepares to leave In Step.  
  • January 19 - Continued prayers for the 203 children and staff at In Step.  The team went to bless them, but were greatly blessed in return.  Pray that the children's lives would continue to be joyful.


  • January 9 -  After traveling for over 36 hours of travel, the team arrived in Nairobi, Kenya,  transferred to another flight, and finally with a long, bumpy bus ride arrived in Kitale at In-Step Children's Home
  • In spite of power being off, when finally on, the team and staff worked late to get the new computer lab set up
  • Praise as the team is encouraged that, in spite of power off and water off, the children are full of smiles.  Nothing warms the heart like a beautiful smile.
  • January 12 - Water on the compound restored, dental ministry resumes.
  • January 14 - Good days teaching the classes, fun with PE and the children, dental ministry progressing and  even includes staff being checked.
  • January 16 - Pastor Hoyt praises the Lord.  Planning his teaching around verses he though were to be used, with the Lord's guidance and help, just prior to the services the teaching messages were changed to the new verses.  Pastor reports, "It was a God thing."
  • January  17 - Dental work continues, children receive brushing instruction.  Tech installation is complete and working with needed cords on the way.
  • January 18 - Dental work completed with 150 exams and services to 58 children and 3 staff.  Team check and all 11 declared healthy, no malaria or infections.

In-Step Children's Home

Rehema for Kids

In-Step Children's Foundation is registered under the Kenyan Societies Act.  This registration allows the organization to officially operate as a licensed children’s home that provides care for the children.  
Rehema for Kids was founded in 2006  after a baby was found abandoned in a cornfield in Kenya on a cold, rainy day.   Founders, Jeff and Carla Picicci named this abandoned baby Rehema Grace.  Rehema means Mercy in Swahili. 
What they do at In-Step:
  • Education
  • Sanitation
  • Clean Water
  • Spiritual
  • Health
  • Stepping Stones
Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed.
Psalm 82: 3

About Kenya

Location: East Africa on the equator
Capital: Nairobi
  • North by Ethiopia
  • East by Somalia and Indian Ocean
  • South by Tanzania
  • East by Uganda

Kenya is known for its savannah, lakelands, dramatic Great Rift Valley,  mountain highlands, the dormant volcanic Mount Kilimanjaro ,  safaris, and the Maasai Mara Reserve and Amboseli National Park.
Traveling from Avon, NY to Nairobi,Kenya takes about 20 hours by air.

Mount Kilimanjaro

19,341 Feet - highest mountain in Africa