United Methodist Church of Livonia, NY

The Lord's Prayer

Recently I asked our church to take a brief survey regarding prayer.  Here are a few things I learned.  

First, those that responded had many questions about prayer. 
  • How do I do it? 
  • Is there a right way or wrong way to pray?
  • How do I make prayer a normal part of my day?
  • If the Bible states we should not pray in vain repetition… why do we pray the Lord’s Prayer every Sunday?
  •  If Jesus told us to pray in private and alone, why do we use public prayer in church?
  •  Can God hear the silent prayers along with the ones said out loud?
Second, I learned that 97% of those that responded have the Lord’s Prayer memorized.
Finally, I learned that everyone prays, at least sometimes.  In times of tragedy we ask for prayer.  We pray together and when we are alone.  We thank God. We ask for help when we are scared, or sick, or feeling alone.  We pray for others.  But still we wonder does God hear our prayers?  
You know, on any given weekend there are probably about 1 billion human beings on earth praying the Lord’s prayer by one estimate.
Many times we pray the Lord’s Prayer without really understanding what it is we are praying.  We may have it memorized, we know it.  But do we really KNOW it.  Do we understand what we are praying for?  
You will recall that one day Jesus was off praying.  And a disciple approached him and said, “Jesus, would you teach us how to pray?
And so he did…
  Our Father
  Who art in heaven
  Hallowed be your name
  Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done
  On earth as it is in heaven.
  Give us this day our daily bread
  And forgive us our trespasses
  As we forgive those who trespass against.
  Lead us not into temptation
  But deliver us from evil
  For thine is the kingdom, and the power forever.  Amen.

Pastor Hoyt

Sermon Series on The Lord's Pray beginning July 11, 2021