A faith family, formed from diverse backgrounds, bound together with a common desire to follow Jesus Christ.

In the strong tradition of the Methodist Church, a Biblically based, socially conscious, family oriented church is growing on a hilltop in the village of Livonia to serve the western Finger Lakes area of New York State.

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Missionaries from Turkey

Since the attempted coup in Turkey, our missionaries there have been under renewed pressures

Dear Friends,    

     This month's prayer letter is a little different.  I will start off by asking everyone to pray for this country.  A state of emergency has been declared. This changes how the government is run.  Basically it gives a lot of power to the president to make laws.  People can be restricted from having meetings.  Many people have already been arrested and many have lost their jobs.  Please pray for peace. Please pray for those in authority.  The lawyer, Orhan, who often works for our church has been arrested. 

     How does this affect the church?  I see it as a challenge for all believers to show God's love to everyone.  Also we must not be afraid.  We know our enemy is not flesh and blood but spiritual.  Please pray for all Turkish believers to stand firm in Chrst and not be afraid. 

CHURCH NEWS:   Please pray for the church of Turkey to be united.  It is interesting that it has been hard for us to get the other two church leaders here in Eskisehir to pray together but yesterday when Salih called and asked the other two pastors if they could meet ot pray together they agreed. 

We are starting our Friday night healing prayer meetings.  This Friday will be our first one.  It has been advertised on Facebook and we hope to have visitors come and receive healing. 

     There is a small group of American singles working with us now.  Please pray for their outreach on the two university campuses.  

FAMILY NEWS:  We are very happy to have raised the money we need to send Michael to a private school this fall.  The school is very secular and does not stress Islam.  The classes are small so there is more time for each student's needs.  Thank you for all who have prayed and helped us with this. 

Thak you for praying for my health.  I am recovering from the pancreatic attack.  The doctors believe it was caused by my medications used to prevent me from losing my kidney transplant.  Praise God for HIs faithfulness.   

Thank you all for your prayers and support.  Turkey is in need of much prayer.  Many people are afraid for the future.  We trust the Lord will guide us through this hard time. 

Rejoicing in Jesus, 


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