A faith family, formed from diverse backgrounds, bound together with a common desire to follow Jesus Christ.

In the strong tradition of the Methodist Church, a Biblically based, socially conscious, family oriented church is growing on a hilltop in the village of Livonia to serve the western Finger Lakes area of New York State.

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Update on Pastor Dan's Health

Update from Pastor Dan

Dear Church,
    Thank you all for your prayers this past weekend.
    On Friday I woke with mild chest pain. It had happened on Monday and Wednesday to some extent, but Friday was worse. I went to work and the pain became worse - along with pressure in the center.  The pain went up the left side of my neck and down my left arm and I was having trouble breathing - and I felt so tired that I was just dragging. I worked until about 11 and it kept getting worse. I started getting really concerned and went home. We decided to drive to the hospital and I called my Dr. who suggested Rochester General as the area's most respected heart hospital.  I was there until Sunday afternoon. The tests included the usual EKG and heart monitoring, chest x-ray, CAT scans and an echo cardiogram stress test. After all that I'm pretty sure that my heart is OK and that I did NOT have a heart attack (no triponin - the indicator of heart muscle damage).  I think that my real problem is that I've been gaining weight back. This is causing a cascade of problems including acid reflux and high blood pressure. The latter caused my stress test to be stopped early.   
     So, I feel badly that I missed a Sunday and my grandson's graduation from East Rochester and Colin Waldron's grad party and this week's jail ministry.  Thank you, Phil Schedlbauer - our SPR Chair, for making arrangements for Revs. Geer and Finch to cover church on Sunday. Karl Bechler emailed me, "Your son did an excellent sermon. He certainly is taller than you." 
     I'm going to have to concentrate on healthy living for awhile. The doctors tell me that I should exercise for shorter periods and with less intensity than I've been doing, until my blood pressure is more under control. Eating properly and sleeping well are the biggest factors for now.
    OK, this note is too long already - so, if you got this far - thank you. You are probably the kind of person who already prays for me and please keep it up. Keep praying for our grads, youth, small groups, elderly, Thrift Shoppe, worship services, and all the people in our community who are being affected by alcohol and addictive drugs - especially Heroin (pray for Debby Adams and her family as they grieve for Kaitlyn - taken by heroin this weekend - whose service will be this Saturday at the church. In other words - lets all keep praying for each other and supporting each other because we all need it in our own way.

Pastor Dan

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