online Bible study resources

Pastor Hoyt provides the following list of links to Bible study resources and online resources to encourage your spiritual growth.  Some links even have the option of an app that can be downloaded to your phone or tablet.  Looking for something more specific or a particular type of study?  Pastor Hoyt has many resources and suggestions, give him a call, 585-346-3511.

Group studies are a great way to grow your faith.  Consider joining a weekly or semi-weekly small group that offers Bible study, fellowship, worship, service and outreach.  For opportunities for children and youth to grow their faith, check out opportunities for children and youth.

Stimulating Your Thinking:
  • Transforming Mission Blog.  Pastor Hoyt comments, “This blog is always stimulating and gives you much to think about.”


Online Bible Study Resources:


Recommended Study Bible

Pastor Hoyt recommends the CEB (Common English Bible ) Study Bible.  It is easy to understand and very readable.  In addition, it is filled with many aids to deepen your study of the Bible.

Church Library

UMCL has a library of books and resources for all ages.  The stacks are along the wall in the “greeting area.”  Books can be signed out following the instructions posted on the book shelf.  Sign out a book for yourself and your children.  Grow your faith and knowledge in God by reading a book this week.