A faith family, formed from diverse backgrounds, bound together with a common desire to follow Jesus Christ.

In the strong tradition of the Methodist Church, a Biblically based, socially conscious, family oriented church is growing on a hilltop in the village of Livonia to serve the western Finger Lakes area of New York State.

Our History

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Throughout our history as a congregation, we have tried to remain faithful to the gifts and graces God, through Jesus Christ, has placed upon us. As far back as 1817, our presence was felt in what is today the Town of Livonia. As the Methodist society grew, they occupied a barn on Federal Road. In 1831, the Methodist Episcopal Church of Livonia was incorporated. However, building for growth sometimes took a downward spiral. By 1855, the congregation was discontinued because it had grown so small.

However, by 1857 the Methodist Society was reorganized and worshipped in a schoolhouse on West Avenue. In 1860, the first church was erected on the property where we are presently housed. Due to tremendous growth, the building was reconstructed in 1866. 1866 also saw an interest in establishing a Baptist congregation within Livonia. By 1869, the Livonia Baptist Church was created.

In 1923, the Methodist and Baptist congregations had begun talks to unite their efforts and reduce creedal talks. However, the bishop at the time, would not allow such a unification to take place. Several Methodist members and the Baptist Church went ahead, anyway, and the Livonia Community Congregational United Church of Christ was formed. (Their building is presently the Livonia Community Church on High Street.

In 1951 the Methodist Church added a reception room (the Squires' Room) to the building. Further growth in the Methodist congregation led to the purchase of the Fellowship Hall on Main Street in 1968. 1968 also saw the birth of the United Methodist denomination when the former Evangelical United Brethren Church and the Methodist Church unified at the national conferences.

In 1971 the Livonia Community Congregational United Church of Christ and the Livonia United Methodist Church entered into talks about merging the two congregations. On January 2, 1972, the United Church of Livonia was formed. And the present building was retained for worship and Sunday School. By the late 1970's the congregation once again experienced a downward spiral in its mission and vision. There was talk of further mergers or being assigned to become a part of a pastoral charge with several other United Methodist churches. Through the pastoral leadership of Bill Grossman and later Wayne Ostrander, the Methodist mission was revived.

In order to accommodate our vision to be a church whose faith is centered in God's love and focused on the communities in which we live, work, and play; property located on Summers Street was purchased in 1996 for the location of our new facility to be built as a part of the Christian church celebration of the third century.

In April of 2001, a special Church Conference voted to begin the Capital Campaign for the new facility. Under the direction of Mr. & Mrs. David Woodruff and TLC Ministries, the UCL faith community received pledge commitments nearing $620,000 for Phase 1 of the new building.

In September of 2004 the second Capital Campaign for the new facility will be underway. This second campaign is under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. David Woodruff and the Goehner Group. The greatest joy concerning this campaign is that we will see the building being constructed before our eyes as we give with generous hearts full of faith and love to the God who fulfills His promises and brings to fruition the vision placed in the hearts of His people.
The church is a missional presence to serve the communities that surround Livonia. Our God inspired directive is to be the "Open Arms" of Christ as we build a faith community around God's love. We trust the Lord to lead us into the 21st century with faith, hope, and love.

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